Mentoring and Coaching

Are any of these things true for you?

  • You want to start a Floristry Business, but don’t know where to start
  • You’ve already taken the first steps and now need coaching and mentoring support to really understand how to run a successful business
  • You’ve already got a small successful business and want to explore and expand its potential and profit.

If any one of the above describes your situation, I can help.


The following are real life examples of problems that I have helped people solve

      • I need an evaluation of my business so I can make a plan for the future
      • I need help with my website
      • How can I source flowers and sundries?
      • My skills are dated, I want to be more on trend
      • Sometimes I just need a bit of advice
      • I can’t find my signature style
      • My business is costing me more than I am earning
      • I am great with flowers but have no business experience and don’t know where to start
      • I want to specialise in my business, but not sure which way to go
      • My business is missing something,
      • I don’t know how to do a specialist wedding consultation
      • I need to work my business around my family and have a work/life balance
      • I’m not making much money but working very hard
      • I want to change my career and turn my hobby into a business
      • Getting new business is difficult for me
      • I need specific help with marketing
      • I want to set up a business with my best friend she is a photographer and I currently do flowers as a hobby
      • I want to specialise in Eco funerals

I have previously supported and advised people regarding things like

  • Designing and planning an exhibition stand for a Wedding Show
  • Branding, social media, marketing and turning enquiries into confirmed business
  • Reviewing a business plan, setting goals and creating milestones for success


Your next step is to contact me and together we will design a coaching and mentoring package that works for you, blending together hopes and dreams with creative and practical advice so you can continue your journey to greater personal and professional success.

We can help with all aspects of your business, from training to be a florist, setting up a website, using social media and marketing  to ongoing business development. Whether you are local or further afield as we offer training via skype and face time, so we are never far away