flower arrangement
The nicest things are made with loveNotes from Rose Cottage

I just love creating things, whether it’s a flower arrangement, a cushion, or a delicious cake.  I enjoy it most when I have time – time to leisurely be creative and really feel absorbed in what I am doing without distractions.  It just isn’t the same when I am time bound and have to rush though that said often the best flower arrangements are the ones that I have rushed! I guess that is because I have worked on instinct of the heart rather than logically with my head! – not that there’s that much logic in there.

Even if the cake I have made for my family isn’t perfect, it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it was made with love. So all you mums who want to buy the perfect cake, don’t bother, have a go yourself and let the children join in, it is what memories are made of, children will remember the time you made a birthday cake together even more so if it fell apart and had to be glued together with icing! much more so that when you went to the shop to buy a cake.

The same principle applies to flower arranging, if you make something to give to people, they will love it just that little bit more because you took you time to make it and as we know these days time is very precious because there seems to be so little of it.

Children love to have a go and are always pleased with what they have created, yet as adults when we create something we are always trying to make it that bit better and it is already beautiful.

I love arranging flowers, they are just so beautiful and give so much pleasure to look at.  Sometimes is is difficult to cut them from the garden as they look so perfect there.