Supermarket FlowersFlower Tips

It is a fact of life that we live busy lives and often stressful, so instead of driving into town to buy flowers, it is just easy when you are doing your weekly shop to add in a bunch of flowers, rather than drive into town, find somewhere to park (probably have to pay) and then go to the flower shop. It is a shame as florist shops are closing all the time, so if possible please support your local florist.

For those times when you do just pick up a bunch at the supermarket, remember to check that they are in water, that the water is clear and the flowers and their leaves look healthy. It is important to get them home quickly, cut their stems and put them into water with the flower food that came with them and rinse the stems and change the water every few days to keep them looking their best.

If you are interested in finding out how to use Supermarket Flowers pop along to one of my workshops