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I just love spring, everything coming into bud, the feeling that winter is behind and we have the summer to look forward to.

Although I am not a fan of yellow, I do love daffodils, seeing them swaying in the garden. I am never tempted to pick them to put in a vase as I just love seeing them in the garden, so I buy them to put in a vase. Always make the kitchen look cheery.

There have been some amazing British Spring flowers this year and I will be using some on my class on Sunday

You can’t beat a vase or basket full of spring flowers to brighten a day.

Daffodils give exude latex which is harmful  to other flowers so they need to be on their own in water for about 12 hours before mixing then with other flowers but remember to rinse the stems before adding them to the others.

Did you know that tulips continue growing even after they have been cut. Always try to buy them with the leaves above the flower head as they are then at their freshest.

Add flower food to the water and ensure that no leaves are below the water line and make sure not to overfill the vase with water.