Train to be a Florist

Florists use their creativity to design gorgeous floral designs using a wide variety of flowers. The florist chooses the correct flowers and foliage, buys flowers/foliage and sundries from various sources and designs the bouquets, arrangements and large installations.  Florists also offer advice to their clients on what flowers to choose for an occasion and how to care for them. If you are a flower enthusiast then all of this is very enjoyable and rewarding.

To become a florist, one needs to have certain skills. You need to have a good sense of color and shape and know the seasons in which different flowers grow as well as their lifespans.  You need to be well versed with the various types of flowers and plants, seasonality, can take care of flowers, know the current trends in floristry as well as know occupational hazards that are involved in floristry and safety procedures.

Being a florist can be hard word and tiring, particularly if it is your own business. A lot of effort has to be made to ensure that your business is successful often working unsocial hours.  There is heavy lifting, working in cool conditions and handing lots of cold water!

Furthermore, regarding the clients, florists should have excellent customer service skills. This skill is often the best tool in growing your floristry business. This skill requires patience when dealing with customers to fully understand what they expect from you. This is particularly true for brides. It is important for the florist to have an accurate picture of what the bride wants for her wedding day. You will have to get to know her budget, the theme she prefers, the venue and the time of the wedding so as to offer the appropriate advice. Good florists will often be referred to other customers, and this will help grow your business.

If you fancy a change of career and have a love of flowers, then becoming a florist is something to explore. Once trained you can work as a florist, open a florist shop, work from home or decide to specialize in one aspect of floristry

The floristry training at Rose Cottage is very comprehensive. We discuss the options available for your new career and how it will fit in with your lifestyle.  The hands-on training, theory and business sessions ensure that you are ready to pursue your new career. Th training we offer is applicable to all levels of floristry from beginners to people with more experience. I teach you how to care for flowers, and how arrange them into the beautiful floral masterpeices. I offer you a wide variety of flowers to work with and the right environment to learn. The ambiance of my studio gives the ultimate setting for you to get creative and explore your untapped potential in floristry. I also train you on how to set up your business. This comes in my  business courses. I offer you the skills needed for you to grow your business as a florist through your hard work and talent.

I also offer a Floristry Mentoring service, which you can book by the hour. This is an excellent way to get one on one experience on how to progress your floristry business. I am dedicated to working with my students to ensure their dreams turn into reality. See more about the mentoring service here.

Your next step is to have a conversation with me to explore the best option for you.






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    Hi Ashela, Thank you for your enquiry, following our exchange of emails, I confirm your booking for a place on my Wedding Flower workshop. Kind regards, Susan

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