RanunculusFlower Tips

Who doesn’t love ranunculus with their perfect beauty in an abundance of colours. They are like miniature peonies with their layer upon layer of silky petals.

The name is Latin for ‘little frog’. It does have an alternative name of ‘Turban Buttercup’ due it its origins being in the Middle East

Remove all foliage, cut stem at an angle, add flower food and change water regularly, each time adding more flower food. They do  have a tendancy for the stems to curve, and if you dot fancy this look then  insert a flower wire to keep them upright.

Ranunculus generally start to appear in November/December and are at their best from January, with their main season usually coming to an end in May/June.

There are ‘standard Ranunculus’. ‘Cloney Ranunculus’ and ‘Pon Pon Ranunculus’. Cloney is one that is often used for wedding flowers and is a more expensive flower

When you’re buying ranunculus, check the flower heads for the condition of the petals. And also that the foliage is healthy and the stems are in good condition. Ranunculus have hollow stems, sometimes the the stems can become rotten  so you need to keep a check on them and discard any that are bad.


Enjoy these beauties.