A bit of a Jam

Here at Rose Cottage today, it’s been all about Jam and Chutney, we have a lovely Damson Tree and Damsons are part of the Rose family so fits in lovely with Rose Cottage, so armed with stepladder and bowl we have been gathering the succulent beauties, though a little bit tart to eat straight from the tree, unlike strawberry picking which is one for the bowl one for me, one for the bowl two for me etc.  I made some Jam to my own recipe and then some of Delia’s Spiced Damson Chutney. So all those Jam Jars I have been saving came in very useful. Damsons are full of pectin so the jam sets really well.

It is a bit of a fiddle picking all the stones out but worth it!  You can put them into a muslin bag into the jam and this helps to set the jam.  I use a thermometer to see if the jam is set.

I am going to make more jam tomorrow and am going to add Rose Water to it – Damson and Rose Jam and this will be for the rose Cottage workshop’s afternoon tea to have with Scones as an alternative to Strawberry.

Quit a few of my workshops feature food of some type – I love cooking and baking and so the afternoon teas have cake and scones as well as sandwiches and other delights. I fancy making a rose cake and am thinking about rose and pistachio or rose and lime – fun experimenting.

I have frozen some Damsons so that I can make Damson Crumble later in the year. I wash them and then put them all on a tray and open freeze and then pack into freezer bags.

Please feel free to share any of your Damson recipes

To see what I do next with Damsons – check out the next post!