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Getting a Floral Education – Do I need a Certificate?Flower School, Flower Tips

I have invited Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones to write some guest blogs. Here is her first one which addresses the question I am most often asked by people looking to become a professional Florist.

Getting a Floral Education – Do I need a Certificate?

Fiona – Well I guess it depends on what you want to achieve and what you mean by ‘floral education’. Do you want to learn how to make beautiful floral arrangements for yourself, friends and family, or do you want to become a professional florist and make money? If it’s the latter, do you want to work in a florist shop, or, something that’s becoming increasingly popular – do you want to combine your love of floristry with having your own business?

If you google ‘floral education’ you will find lots of ads, articles and blogs advocating a variety of college courses – for which you will of course get a certificate! But let me ask you – who is the certificate for and do you really need one? If you want a job in a florist shop, the shop manager/owner will ask to see your portfolio and will get you to make some arrangements / bouquets – a certificate won’t tell them how talented, quick, hard-working, skilled, tidy or creative you are. And if you set up your own business people will be looking at your website, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages. They won’t care whether you have a certificate or not either!

So in short, no, you don’t need a floristry certificate. Let’s look at what you do need if you want to become a florist. Susan, you’re the best professional Florist I know, what do you think people need?

Susan I’m glad that you asked Fiona. In my experience of being a Florist myself, and of training hundreds of both amateur and professional Florists, you will need:

  • A good sense of design, shape and colour
  • Knowledge of flowers and plants, seasonality and availability
  • Your finger on the pulse of current and future floral trends
  • The ability to produce different styles of floristry such as contemporary or vintage although you may choose to specialise in your own particular style
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Good business acumen – especially marketing, sales and accounts
  • The ability to collaborate with others
  • Knowledge of health and safety procedures and laws relating to floristry

Fiona – This is quite a list Susan!

Susan Yes it is! And most people prefer some parts of it more than others. This is why I offer bespoke courses to people so that they can choose specifically the help they need to achieve their dreams.

Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones is the Founder of The Cognitive Fitness Consultancy; helping people and organisations to think more effectively. She is the author of Thinking Styles – Relationship Strategies That Work!,  and Love Is The Answer and Divided by Gender, United by Chocolate; Differences in the Boardroom