DIY Flowers for Brides – Flowers for Less

Choosing flowers for a wedding can be a daunting experience. You must carefully consider the prospects of pairing the right flowers with the correct foliage and choosing the most suitable container. This requires a significant amount of time and skill and can prove stressful to some.

Occasionally, brides would like to add a personal touch to their wedding flowers by arranging their table flowers or maybe a friend has floral experience and would like to ‘do’ all your wedding floral requirements but doesn’t have an account at a wholesalers, this is where  Rose Cottage  bespoke Wholesale Flowers for Brides Service can meet your specific needs.

I go to great lengths to ensure that every flower that you receive is of the highest quality. I am dedicated to ensuring that your order is correct. I inspect your flowers, check and recheck that   everything meet your requirements. When ordering your box of flowers for your wedding I offer can help to ensure that errors are avoided.  For example, there are many varieties of gypsophila and I know which one will be right for your wedding. Our premium services  make sure we avoid errors. You wouldn’t have to worry whether your flowers will open in time. Your satisfaction is my primary objective.

In some cases, you may be busy and not have time to prepare the flowers, I offer a service where this is done for you. This means that the flowers are delivered to you ready to work with. For this service, I charge an extra 20% on your total order meaning a flower order of £170 will cost a preparation fee of £34. However, our clients can also choose to prepare the flowers themselves.

At Rose Cottage, you can choose from a wide variety of floral options – from straightforward knowing what you would like and simply placing an order to me helping you select what you need. You can choose from a superb range of cut flowers and foliage

 In the event that you require any advice about quantities or the choice of flowers, how to prepare them etc, I offer one on one consultation sessions. My consultation sessions last 45 minutes at the cost of £45. These sessions are offered either face to face, through phone or email. They can also include a Pinterest board to help you visualise your order better.

For you to get the complete DIY experience, my Wedding flowers workshops offer certain beneficial services. I equip you with floral arranging skills. These go a long way in ensuring that the wedding flowers for your event are truly memorable.  You can also book a hen party event and learn how to create jars/jugs of flowers and then rope your hens in to help with the event!


Here is A Recent sample order of wedding flowers. The total cost  was £170.

  • 20 stems of Pink Spray Rose – Lydia
  • 30 stems of Pale Pink Large Head Rose – Sweet Avalanche
  • 20 stems of Matthiola (stocks) – White
  • 25 stems of White Waxflower
  • 10 stems of Ammi
  • 20 stems of White small head roses – Akito
  • Three bunches of mixed Eucalyptus

A Few Tips to Follow

  • It is important to consider flowers that will blend well with the event’s theme.
  • The choice of flowers should also be guided by the current season and the available flowers during that season.
  • It is also important to decide a budget that will be adhered to. This will help guide you with the flower order you will make.
  • Making floral designs is time consuming and tiring. It would be best to get willing helpers who are good with the craft and who would also offer ideas.
  • Social Media platforms such as Pinterest are good places to get creative ideas from.
  • The idea of starting without prior experience might be daunting. However, attending a workshop and getting the necessary training would boost your self-confidence and give you the set of skills that you need.
  • It is also vital that you make some practice runs before making the actual designs. This will help you narrow down on any errors  and come up with what you like best.
  • Collecting and arranging the flowers must be done with precise timing. Collecting the flowers too soon might cause them to wither during the event, losing their initial appearance.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss our Flowers for Brides Service