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Getting a Floral Education – Do I need a Certificate?

Floristry course

I have invited Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones to write some guest blogs. Here is her first one which addresses the question I am most often asked by people looking to become a professional Florist. Getting a Floral Education – Do I need a Certificate? Fiona – Well I guess it depends on what you want to

Spring Flowers

I just love spring, everything coming into bud, the feeling that winter is behind and we have the summer to look forward to. Although I am not a fan of yellow, I do love daffodils, seeing them swaying in the garden. I am never tempted to pick them to put in a vase as I

Supermarket Flowers

It is a fact of life that we live busy lives and often stressful, so instead of driving into town to buy flowers, it is just easy when you are doing your weekly shop to add in a bunch of flowers, rather than drive into town, find somewhere to park (probably have to pay) and


Who doesn’t love ranunculus with their perfect beauty in an abundance of colours. They are like miniature peonies with their layer upon layer of silky petals. The name is Latin for ‘little frog’. It does have an alternative name of ‘Turban Buttercup’ due it its origins being in the Middle East Remove all foliage, cut

Hydrangea Care

Hydrangea Care

I love Hydrangeas and they come in so many gorgeous colours- all to do with the soil, but that’s another matter. Who do you care for these beauties once you have cut them from the garden or received them from your supplier. You will see many options if you google the subject on the internet,