Boxes of Blooms

Flowers for DIY Brides and Flower Arrangers

Ideal for DIY brides, and flower arrangers who want top quality flowers and don’t want to shop at a supermarket

I can supply any quantity of cut flowers – for collection or local delivery.

You can have a surprise collection of blooms and foliage or you can specify colours and varieties.

flowers and foliage for tall design

To ensure the finest quality blooms flowers are sourced locally or globally depending on availability and your requirements

All orders are checked by me before delivery/collection. For a small additional fee flowers/foliage can be prepared and conditioned ready for use.

Remember to keep developing your floristry skills by booking on one of our wide range of floristry workshops.

DIY Wedding Flowers

These days it is becoming more and more popular for brides, together with their friends and family to arrange their own wedding flowers. As a personal touch this can be an exciting option and great fun especially if you have a limited budget.

You can choose from a superb range of cut flowers and if you require any advice about quantities or flower choices, for a fee, you can have a personal telephone consultation or visit Rose Cottage. We only source the best quality flowers and foliage for weddings and we would recommend that you use our preparation and conditioning service to ensure that your flowers and foliage reach you in the best condition possible and will last for your special day.

If you are not a flower expert the choice of flowers and foliage for a wedding can be overwhelming added to which without experience it is difficult to know the quantities of flowers and foliage you will require for the plans you have. Our wedding telephone or face to face advice service will help you enormously. It is a personal telephone consultation or meeting where we explore flower and foliage availability, suitability, price, quantities required and timescales for collection.

We would also recommend that you attend one of our DIY Wedding Flowers workshops  where you will learn the creative floral arranging skills to ensure your wedding flowers are truly memorable

Popular Wedding Flowers

we just can’t get enough of these beautiful
perfectly soft billowy petals. They have a very delicate energy

one of the most beautiful blooms in the world

clusters of little flowers make up this stunning bloom

layers upon layers of beautiful petals. They are quite simply gorgeous

these showstopping blooms have a timeless grace

in pale as well as jewel colours, these blooms can make quite a statement

Top Tips

  • Think about flowers that will work with your theme
  • Check what flowers are in season
  • Decide on a budget
  • Get some willing helpers
  • Use Pinterest to get ideas
  • Attend one of our workshops
  • Keep practising before creating for ‘real’
  • Get the timing right for collecting and arranging the flowers

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